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This year is a Hakhel year, a year when we aim to come together in the biggest Jewish family reunion ever!

What does it mean to be family? It means we are there for one another to share and amplify the celebration of life’s joys, and to comfort one another during times of sickness and mourning. It means we show up with soup, a prayer, a kind word, an interest free loan for emergencies. It means we visit our elders at home, and in their care settings throughout the Capital District.

This Hakhel year, Bethlehem Chabad is opening its doors (and arms) with one prayer: that every Jewish person finds their place in the family reunion. We have a number of initiatives we are launching, and we invite you to join one of the following activities that will bring us together for the greatest good.

We are drawing on the energy of the Hakhel year to make a warm and light filled Jewish Family Reunion, and we need you to play the role that only you can play. Please let us know which initiative you would like to be involved in!

Thank you to Jessica Richer, Hanna Commercial Real Estate for underwriting this initiative!

The Kosher Gourmet
Friendly Phone Connections
Knitting and Crocheting Circle
Tehillim Group